Two kinds of people should be at your wedding. Friends and family. Your spouse is now both. 🙂

You have some important moments during a wedding.

1. Your friends goofing around and making you laugh, taking your mind off the fact that you’re so nervous, you think you’re going to hyperventilate.

memphis wedding photographer before ceremony bridesmaids
Having fun with her girls before she walks down the aisle.

2. Obviously, marrying your best friend.

bride groom first look bonne terre
Just look at that “look” in her eyes. Gush! Love it!!

3. Your mom telling you how proud she is of you!

mother bride wedding photographer
This moment with her mom. Gah, I’m tearing up now…

4. Your dad holding your hand before he gives you away.

fob bride before ceremony
Good thing your dad is there to walk you through it.

Those are some big moments to share with anyone other than your friends or family…think about it when you are deciding on your guest list.


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