Mini Session Prep

Hi everyone!!

So, I know everyone is all ready for the weekend! I wanted to make a quick post on prepping for your mini sessions this weekend and the next!

So let’s get down to it.

For the Tree farm on the 13th…

Here is the address: 1890 Getwell Rd, Nesbit, MS 38651

If you’re heading south on Getwell, the tree farm will be on your left. It kinda sneaks up on you, so just pay attention.

Here are just a few quick pics taken with my iphone. You will want to park up front and walk around the right side of the building.

Christmas Tree Farm

This is what you are looking for. You’ll see my cool vintage red truck when you’re walking around the property (not pictured). I recommend getting there about 10 or so minutes early. This will give you time to find it, and meet me at our spot. We will be past this bridge area. Don’t worry, you’ll see it when you pull up. I will also have a LOVELY Santa Elf assistant there to tell you where you need to go. 🙂 She may or may not be wearing a Santa Hat. Not making any promises on that one.

Christmas Tree Farm


For Downtown on the 19th:

Here’s a screen shot of the area we will be shooting at Downtown! Thanks Google Maps.

Downtown mini session

There is free parking on the street of Vance. We will be starting with more brick in the background, and then head over to this park-like area. downtown mini session industrial

General tips for your portrait session:

1. Arrive a hair early. Getting there late will cut into your session time.

2. Go to the bathroom before you leave! I was walking around…and they only have porta-potties at the tree farm nothing really downtown. Not a big deal, just an FYI.

3. Bring your leash and doggy bags to clean up after your pups.

4. Bring any props that you will want to use. I am providing a red truck we can pose on for the Tree Farm. (Not for downtown). (We don’t have to use if you’re not digging it.) The rest is up to you and your preferences.

5. Bring backup clothes for the kiddos…just in case something happens or gets dirty.

6. Bring treats for furbabies and snacks for real babies. Sessions are only 15 minutes, so I’m a huge fan of bribing for good behavior. 😀

What to wear to the mini session:

So. I get this question a lot. What should I wear??? I have a general post of what to bring/what to wear to a shoot. Here’s a more color scheme specific point that I wanted to make, esp for family portraits. I feel like a family should wear colors that:

  1. make sense for the season. This is considered fall now so that means maroons, purples, navies, oranges, grays, browns, and darker greens. I don’t really recommend pastel colors, but hey – if that’s your jam…more power to you.
  2. matches, but is not tooooooo “matchy, matchy.” I know that’s a really really general statement, but hear me out. You don’t want to all be wearing the exact same color. The goal is to look cohesive without looking like everyone is wearing the same pair of pants…I also like one general color, one neutral color, and then you can add in one pop of color. (That’s optional). If you’re still unsure, I want you to go to pinterest, and type in the search bar: Fall color schemes for pictures. And here, I want y’all to look at the photos and think to yourself…does this picture have TOO much brown (or some other color)?? If the answer is yes, then add in a red or orange, or blue…something to break up the sameness. It also helps if you lay out everyones outfit on the floor next to each other. That’s a great visual to see if there is too much of one color.
    1. Scarves sweaters make for GREAT little pops of color. If it’s too much, we can take it off. 🙂

Here are a few examples:

family portrait color scheme

family portrait color scheme red

family portraits colors scheme

Alrighty, y’all! I hope this helps! Y’all take down my number and call/text me if you have trouble finding anything. Me and my santa elf assistant are here to help! 901-412-4482.

See you soon!!


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November 11, 2016

Christmas Minis

Whenever I hear Christmas Minis, I think of those little cinnamon roles from Burger King. Ohhhhh back in the day. And while those were really amazing, that is NOT what I’m talking about when I say Christmas Minis.

Christmas Minis are short and sweet family photo sessions! I’m hosting 2 this month with a super quick turnaround, so you can have your photos ready before the holidays! Can someone say Christmas cards??

For all of my couples getting married this year or next without an engagement session in their package, this is a perfect way for us to work together before your big day. Remember what I said about the guinea pig session? Well, here’s your chance!! Not to mention having some cute and casual couples photos to have around the house are a big plus! Talk about adulting…scheduling family photos is definitely up there. 🙂

Christmas mini photos promo

Ok, so let’s talk deets. I know y’all are going to have some questions, so let me try to hit on the big ones. If you have other questions I did not answer already, feel free to email me!

Q: When and where?

A: I have 2 sessions happening this month. The 1st session is at the Merry Christmas Tree Farm in Nesbit, MS (right outside of Hernando) on November 13th with sessions running from 9:30am-1:30pm.

The 2nd session is going to be in Downtown Memphis at a little park off of Vance and Wagner on November 19th with sessions running from 2:00pm-5pm.

Q: How much? What does that get me?

A: Sessions are 15 minutes and are $150. You will receive your images in both high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for social media use). From your edited gallery, you can choose one photo to be retouched. I recommend this one be your Christmas Card or other print/canvas photo. Keep in mind, all of your photos will be already be edited. Retouching is an extra perk. It’s blemish removal, object removal, general picture perfecting.

If you want to book a double session, you can do a 30 min session for $210, and you will receive an extra retouched photo (so 2 total retouched).

Q: Can you explain the session times?

A: Yes 🙂 Regular mini sessions are 15 minutes. You can purchase a double (back to back) for $210 if you feel like you want a little more time. When you’re ready to book, I will send a time sheet to you so you can pick out a time slot that works for you.

Q: Payment?

A: Payment is due at the time of booking. After you decided on a slot, I will send an online invoice for you to pay by check, card, or transfer. Payment is non-refundable and must be paid before the session. If for some reason you cannot make your time slot, you can apply this amount to a different photography session or schedule a spot for my Spring Mini Sessions.

Q: Rain?

A: In the event of rain, there will be a backup date for Sunday, Nov. 20th. The Christmas Tree Farm is not available that date, so I will do half of the day downtown and the other half at Shelby Farms or some other park in Memphis. (Don’t worry. It will be pretty.)

Q: Fur babies? Yay or nay?

A: YES! Bring ’em along! If you want your pets in your family photos, then I want your pets in your family photos, too! Both the tree farm and downtown will allow pets. Just bring a leash and some treats, and be sure to clean up after them. Keep in mind though that having pets in the pics make the sessions go a little longer because we have to get them situated. I would consider booking a double session to make sure we have enough time to get the shots you will want.

Q: Is the Christmas Tree farm going to be super…Christmas-y?

A: Nope! It can be as much or as little as you want. I am working on renting a truck, similar to the pic you see in the post! Otherwise, props are up to you. Your photos can be just some “pretty greenery” in the background or very obviously a Christmas Photo. Just let me know and I will make that happen.

Q: How will I get photos?

A: First off, I will send you your password protected online gallery. You will be able to download photos from the gallery. I will also have USBs ready for pickup.

Q: Turnaround time??

A: I know a lot of these will be used for Christmas cards and holiday pics. I will be working on a one week turnaround to get you your photos ASAP. Merry Christmas!


So now…I want to briefly discuss the locations for any lingering questions/concerns. The Christmas Tree Farm is a great option if you are looking for something more rural, green, a little more pinterest-y, and a bit more Christmas-y. The downtown location is going to be a more urban setting and not as Christmas focused. Keep that in mind when scheduling. Props are totally fine to bring! Let’s make this fit exactly what you need!

Phew, this is A TON of information. Hopefully, I answered a lot for you. When you’re ready to book, email me at to see the sign up sheet. Next will be the online invoice and a quick prep guide and online contract.

As always, I’m here for questions! I can’t wait to see you! Happy fall, y’all!

Till next time.


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November 3, 2016

Maddie Moree – that’s me!


If you were familiar with Weddings by Yen Studios, you may be wondering what Maddie Moree is, right? And what happened to Weddings by Yen Studios? Weddings by Yen Studios is being restructured and rebranded, and Maddie Moree is taking it’s place. This new company is a separate entity from Yen Studios, but remains a partner. Maddie Moree is the wedding division tailored just for our wedding clients. It’s is fun and flirty, cute and sweet! She’s there for you on your big day to hold your hand and walk you through the schedule, the moments, and most importantly, to capture them. Maddie Moree is your calmer downer, your poser, your hair fixer, your tissue holder, and your photographer. <3

So, let me introduce you to…me! My name is Madison.bridal portrait-memphis-photographer

My friends call me Maddie. And Moree is my middle name, named after my sweet great-grandmother. I’ve been shooting weddings with my dad, Rupert Yen of Yen Studios, for years. I just got married back in June to my kick-butt husband Daniel, so I know first-hand and fresh on my mind the pressures, questions, and feelings that accompany a wedding. Weddings, for me, are such an important time in life. Things are changing, and a new chapter is beginning. I want to be there to document it. To capture the moments of you seeing your new spouse right before you say “I do,” or the look on your dad’s face when you are dancing with him on the floor. There are so many heavy moments in a wedding day, and you will inevitably forget them…unless you have someone to capture them for you!

twitter for maddiemoreeThat’s where I come in. My packages are affordable, comprehensive, and trust me when I say that there will be no buyer’s remorse. With me, you not only get the backing of a photography company that has been in business for over 34 years, you also get top of the line equipment, a skilled 2nd shooter with me at all times on the wedding day, a book along with the digital files, and a girl…who is passionately in love with shooting weddings, the wedding industry, and the meaning of the day itself.


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January 22, 2015

The Christmas Lull

Ya know, sometimes days just suck. We try to push the Thirsty Thursday philosophy, but let me tell you, it doesn’t always work! Lesbihonest here (haha, Pitch Perfect, anyone? Anyone?)…it’s almost winter time, which is super gloomy. Literally, the sun is like in hibernation, and the vibrant colors of summer and early fall have a grey tint. And don’t lie, this is truth circle here, you’ve already had 3 quart sized bottles of egg nog, and it’s only Dec. 10.

I like to call this the “Christmas lull,” not to be confused with the “after Christmas lull,” which may or may not be worse. The Christmas lull is that time of year, right before Christmas where exams are going on, budgets are getting close to E, and you secretly want to stab those people with those stupid reindeer antlers on their car doors. You haven’t bought your Christmas presents yet, all these crazy people are out on the roads trying to buy their presents in their crazy Christmas haze (often times the same people with the reindeer antlers on their car), all the while you realize in T-14 days (because don’t forget Christmas Eve) you get to see your ENTIRE family. What’s worse is they may be staying with you?! Eeek.

Not to mention that 2015 is coming to a close; you haven’t lost that Thanksgiving weight yet, only to be compounded by the future Christmas snackage & feasts and of course ALL of the Cheer beer. Wait, you haven’t had Cheer beer? Why it’s Christmas Spirit in a can! And you’ve been getting your fill because it’s a limited edition while listening to 4 different renditions of “Santa Baby” in a row— thanks for that Spotify. Or OR, what about when you are decorating your toats adorbs Christmas tree, and you “think” you buy enough Christmas lights, only to find out you are one strand short! And if you skimp, then the whole tree is skimped and just looks stupid! Or when you just want to make a decorative bow for a tree topper, and heaven forbid they make that easy!! “Pinterest, YOU’VE LET ME DOWN!!” It all inevitably ends with a grown woman jumping up and down on the crinkled ribbon throwing a temper tantrum while the youtube video finishes with an, “And it’s as easy as that. :)” You can just hear the smile in her voice! Ugh. Not speaking from experience or anything. But needless to say, it’s time to break out the Jack for the Egg nog here, folks. Still counts as “festive”, am I right?? Ah yes, the Christmas lull is here, but have no fear…soon it will be replaced with Christmas Cheer! *BARF*

Drunk on Christmas Cheer
Drunk on Christmas Cheer

Oh, you think I’m kidding? Here’s Maddie’s solution to The Christmas lull:

  1. It’s called ONLINE SHOPPING. Amazon Prime your super awesome presents to your doorstep. Shipping included!
  2. Stay inside at all costs. (A. It’s warmer inside. B. You don’t have to deal with crazies. C. Yoga pants are comfier!)
  3. PUT DOWN the egg nog! This is for Santa, remember? We can totally swap the egg nog for things with less calories…like a vodka cranberry. Yep. Still festive. It’s red.
  4. Calm it down. Here’s a link to some meditative yoga practices to turn your Christmas frown upside down. You’ll be wearing a Santa hat in no time. I even wrote a post on some great yoga poses that we can ALL practice.
  5. Just think of all the little boys and girls who are so flipping excited for Christmas, they can’t even function. Great job “Elf on the Shelf” for creating a surefire way to make kids semi-behave when in reality, they just want to kick and scream and run around in a circle until Santa comes…or they pass out, whichever one comes first.
Elf in a treeee
Elf in a treeeee

So here’s to asking Santa for a remington rifle and a leg lamp. Merry Christmas, y’all.


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December 11, 2014

Just let me eat Pie!!

It’s that time of the year…AGAIN. Thanksgiving marks the official start to the holiday season. Time moves so quickly, and we get caught up in the daily routine of the grit and grind. So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year with our friends and family, really take time to stop and smell the roses. Recognize what you are grateful for and make it a point to verbalize your gratefulness. You’re loved ones will appreciate it, and the holiday season will go so much smoother.

I made a small list of things I am grateful for. What are you grateful for?

1. I’m grateful that we live in the south, and this is not our everyday weather.

Courtesy of the Weather Channel.

2. I’m grateful I have an awesome husband and family who loves me.

Me and my fam.

3. I’m grateful I live in America. I have traveled to several countries, and I always love coming home to the States! And I’m not embarrassed to admit that. 🙂

Goofy picture of me in western China
That’s me 2nd from the left in Western China! Good times.

4. I’m grateful that I have the flexibility in my business to make something beautiful and important for all different kinds of families and businesses – big, small, for, and not-for profit. For pictures of our portfolio, stay tuned! Our brand spanking new website is ALMOST DONE!! But in the meantime, here’s just a couple of shots. 😀

5. I’m grateful I get to work with my goofy dad.

Father-daughter pic
Me and my dad. I call him Roopsie. #selfie

So I ask you again. What are you grateful for? Have an awesome Thanksgiving this week, and I’ll meet ya back here next week. And eat some pie, damn it.



November 25, 2014

Are your headshots costing you that corner office?

Did you know that headshots today are the new first impressions!

Back in the olden days, people often thought they could tell a personality by their handshake. “I was a little wigged out by how strong this lady’s grip was. She must be a bit controlling.” Or what about, “His handshake was like a dead fish. I bet he’s a spineless jellyfish.” Harsh, right? But people absolutely think this way when they meet you. The handshake is still a great a way to determine a personality, BUT what if they are not meeting you in person? These days, with job recruiting and business dealings being online, you may not even GET a chance to shake someone’s hand. So how are you making your first impression? And how can you differentiate yourself in a sea of others in the online world?

Imagine your headshot as the “new handshake” for online.

Think of how often you use: Facebook, LinkedIn, dating sites, Google+. The social media platforms are endless, and your profile picture SAYS something about you. If your picture is either an iphone #selfie or a picture of you with someone else that you cropped them out, what do you think that communicates to future whatevers (boss, significant others, clients)? (Cough. Yen Studios can help with this dilemma. Email me to set up an appointment!! Cough.)

So now that we have established why you need a good headshot and you have already set up your appointment 🙂 , we now come to the age-old question of what do I wear and what do I bring??

First of all, we offer two kinds of headshots: the Corporate head shots, which I like to call the “One and done’s;” and then the professional headshot package (I don’t really have a cool name for that one). Think of corporate headshots as schoolday pictures for adults, and the professional headshot package as senior portraits for adults. And no, I’m not kidding you. These two types of headshots require different outfits.

Corporate headshots are offered on a white, grey, or blue background. They are very simple and to the point – great for corporations. This is most likely the kind you will want if your employer asks you to get one or if you are on the prowl for a new job.

For these headshots, I recommend business professional dress. That means a suit, guys! You don’t have to wear a tie if that’s not your thing, but you definitely need a button up with a suit jacket that fits. You can wear any color button up and jacket as long as it doesn’t detract from your face. If it’s too loud, choose something else. And it needs to be ironed or wrinkle-free. Ladies, you can also wear a button up, a blouse, or a dress with a jacket. Sweaters will suffice too. Typically for a biz professional outfit, people should not wear sleeveless shirts without a jacket, but that’s up to you. Bring a few jewelry pieces for that extra pizazz, including earrings and possibly a statement necklace. It really does make a difference. (Again, not too loud though.) Also, note that your legs will not be in the picture, so your pants do not have to match, but it may get you in the “money making/let’s get down to business” zone if you’re rocking a powersuit.

My best advice for the corporate headshots are to pretend you are going on a job interview. With that mentality, that is what this headshot can do for you – open doors for job interviews. It shows people you mean business and that you can dress up and be the star player you are. Employers will be drooling over it, too. Here’s some examples of a corporate headshot.

White background
Notice her jacket and necklace
Grey background
Notice his shirt color, no tie.
Blue background
Notice his tie. A nice touch, but certainly not required.

For the professional headshot package that we offer, you will not only get a corporate headshot, but you also get casual shots. These shots are great for a more casual feel, and it says to the viewer, “yeah, this person looks like they can be fun AND professional.” 😉 I love these sessions because you can really express yourself through the clothes you bring, the poses you do, and the locations we choose together. It adds life to your profile and differentiates you from the rest of the pack. In addition to checking out my list below, refer back to one of my earlier articles on the DO’S AND DON’TS! There are some great tips on there and minor overlap.

For these photo sessions, you will want to bring:

1. Many outfit options. It’s better to be over-prepared with great options than stuck with only one that you may not be happy with. Don’t forget to coordinate shoes. And if it’s chilly, bring a nice jacket. We MAY do some outdoor shots, and a nice jacket is definitely a breath of fresh air. (ha – get it?? Outside, fresh air…nevermind.) For outfits, here’s what I’m talking. 1 business professional outfit. 2-3 swanky outfits. (Something that you would wear to go out on a date or to a semi-nice party, aka snappy casual.)  1-2 casual outfit with jeans, but still a semi-nice shirt/blouse or polo. Like I said, bring a couple of different tops/options that you can rotate out of if something isn’t working.

Professional Shots

Professional Shots
Love this sweater combo.
Professional Shots
This shot definitely shows that he’s the boss with his suit jacket and awesome meeting room.
Professional Shots
See the jacket??
Notice the necklace. Love the setting here.
Notice the necklace. Love the setting here.

2. Things that make you like YOU. If you wear glasses everyday, and people will probably not recognize you without them, then wear your glasses! We can do some without glasses, too. This goes for necklaces, certain jackets, colors, boots…cowboy boots. 😉

3. Clothes that you are comfortable in. This point is more concerning bringing clothes that are a peace of mind. If you think you have big arms, bring a jacket, or a sweater, or something with sleeves. If you don’t like your legs then wear pants, or a long skirt, or tights. You get my point. Do NOT bring things that you recognize makes you look fat. (If you have to ask, don’t wear it). I’m sorry to say this, but the camera will mercilessly add 5-10 lbs to you. Something that may make you look big, can be 1 of two things. One is something that is too tight and unforgiving on your body. Folks, just be honest with yourself here. It’s ok. No judgement from me or my team! The other is something that is too loose and flowy (things with a lot of fabric). These could look great in person, but the camera will capture those times when your flowy maxi creates a nonexistent baby bump on even the skinniest of ladies…

4. Touch up stuff. I’m talking bring the make-up bag. You will want to freshen up your lipstick. Bring a hairbrush just in case. And when/if you get all sweaty bring some powder for your nose and forehead. The shininess will show through and trust me when I say you will be glowing, not in the best way either. Also, a few hairpins are nice if you want to change your hairdo midway through.

5. Check the bra, ladies. Don’t wear a top+bra combo that won’t cooperate. What I mean is: if your bra strap pops out once, it will inevitably pop out again. And again. And again. No, I don’t want to spend hours retouching your 65 photos or however many you choose to retouch out your bra strap. You may not think of it before you come to the shoot, but it will be the first thing that you see when you get back the pictures. Wear a different bra or maybe a different top.

So, do you feel like you are all ready for your headshot? Yes? Good! Let me know if there is anything I can add to this list or more questions to answer! And remember to keep Yen Studios in mind for your first impressions!



November 20, 2014