The Mini

For those who just need the “I do’s.” It’s fun-sized, and I love it! This is the starter package, and it’s purrrrrfect for those couples not wanting all of the hoopla/bells and whistles for their wedding photography. This package is all about you, your relationship, and what the wedding day is about! We can add on extra hours if needed or an engagement shoot. 4 hours is a great amount of time for an elopement or small ceremony. For elopements, we have time for: a solid getting ready section (one of my favorite parts of the day!), the ceremony, and tons of couples photos. For a small ceremony, we have time for: a short getting ready, a first look, family formals, the ceremony, and maaaaaaybe the cake cut at the reception. It just depends on how we structure the day. If you’re not sure if this package is for you, hit me up in the contact form below, and we can discuss! I love all of my packages for different reasons, and I’m happy to help you find the perfect one for YOU! 🙂

$2099 | 4 hours of wedding coverage | Print quality final images

First Look Maddie Moree

The Metro

Ahhhh, the Metro. If Goldilocks had a wedding package that was jussssssssst right, it would be the Metro. Here’s why it’s the best selling.

First off, I’ll start with the obvious. The hour coverage. 8 hours is the standard wedding day these days. There’s time for allllllll of the parts of the day. From getting ready details to the sparkler exit, this has it all. 8 hours means there is time for sweet moments of mom helping you put on your dress, special couples time with your boo getting those romantic shots for the mantle, group hugs with your squad, those traditional shots with your Grandma, the ceremony (of course), and then crazy reception dancing all the way to the end. This time, while not easy breezy, gives us enough to get the important moments of the day without really having to sacrifice on any part of the day.

And then there’s the engagement session. I’ve discussed this before. The engagement session is like your guinea pig session before the wedding day! This is the time where we get to know one another. You get to learn how I shoot, and I get to learn the types of photos you like and how you love on each other. So if kissy pics are not your thing, I don’t have to even suggest it on the wedding day. The wedding day is…the wedding day. These photos are timeless. The engagement session is a little different because, while they aren’t “once in a lifetime” like the wedding, they are still a fun and casual way to get photos for “the now.” You can get a few years of usage out of them before you and your family probably start changing. And of course, it’s just fun to have nice photos of you guys being…you guys.

$3799 | 8 hours of wedding coverage | 1.5 hr. Engagement session | Print quality final images

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The Peak 

The Peak. What can I even say about it?? TONS. Duh.

Have you seen that Parks and Rec episode? TREAT YO’ SELF. Well, that’s this package. Imagine the Metro, which was jussssssssst right, and then put whipped cream and a cherry on it, smother it with love and perfection, drizzle chocolate syrup, and sprinkle some gold flakes on top while some violins play a soft melody in the background…and THEN you have the Peak. Of course it’s called the Peak because that’s it. That’s the top. From the amount of time on the wedding day, the engagement session, and then the most fabulously wonderful album I’ve ever seen…this package is my dream. Let’s break it down.

So, what does the extra hour do from the 8 in the Metro to the 9 in the Peak? Well, it gives you time to breathe! Time to stop rushing around and actually take it alllllll in. The wedding day is a heavy day. A lot of time, money, energy, and “no rain” praying have gone into the success of this day. An extra hour gives you the luxury of stopping to smell the roses. 15 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 10 there…it all adds up to going at your own pace. Phew.

The engagement session, we’ve already discussed of course. I love it. I can’t gush enough about it. Contact me if you have more questions on it!

But this album. Oh. My. My. Myyyyyyyyyy. If it wouldn’t be weird for me to carry around this album everywhere I went while shouting it’s amazingness from the rooftops, I would. It’s heavy. It has a new car smell (that is if you get the artisanal Italian leather cover. (Yes, fancy Italian leather is included)) The size…it’s huge!! It’s 12×12 inches of hand crafted, the highest of quality materials, archival paper that will last for generations to come…each photo hand chosen, retouched, and customized just for you. Small albums are casual. They can chill on the coffee table and not be too intrusive. This album is anything but casual. It’s luxurious, and it loves the attention…heck, it was made for the attention. It’s the perfect summation of your wedding day from start to finish. Your kids will look through it a million times, ask you to tell them about your wedding…again, and dream of their own wedding day. As you go through the album, the moments from this day will flood your eyes as you remember the look on his face when he saw you in your dress. The hand-squeeze your dad gave you when he you walked down the aisle. The pure joy on your face from being surrounded by your closest friends and family on that day. The moments you will never forget because they exist in this heirloom album.

$5499 | 9 hours of wedding coverage | Large heirloom album | 1.5 hr. Engagement session | Print quality final images

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