Take care of your wedding day basics

It’s allllllmost time for YOUR big day! And that means you’re starting to get super duper stressed with the last minute chores. This might consequently be the reason for some “bridezilla” behavior.

Take care of your wedding day basics from my checklist! 


I decided to create a list of things to do and bring starting 2-3 weeks before the wedding to make sure things go off without a hitch. With this quick list, you’ll be resting easy when you say “I do.” Take care of these things now, so you can be sippin’ champagne when it’s game time! 😉 Yes, I’ll have another.


I separated this out from a few weeks before the wedding to the week of your big day!


2-3 weeks before:

1. Confirm times and timelines with ALL of your vendors. Also, in case they haven’t worked at your venue before, include the address…


2. Try to handle all payments before the big day, so you don’t have to fiddle with cash the day of. If you can’t avoid this, assign someone like your Maid of Honor, or one of your parents. Either way, get it off of your plate.


3. And speaking of vendors, I assume that you have met with each vendor, and they will have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. I know it’s easy to build up something huge in your head, but if you don’t let them know – they probably won’t be able to read your mind. IE- Does your DJ or band know some of your song expectations? Does your photographer understand the “must haves” on your shot list? Does your hair stylist know you expect a BUMP for your do?? All of these things should be worked out via email, prior meetings or consultations. Got it? Good!


4. 10-14ish days before, you will need to check your guest list RSVPs and get that number to the venue/caterer. There will always be a few that show up randomly, or not show up at all. Your vendors will take that into consideration and account for it, so don’t worry.


5. Ok, here is one thing I *wish* I would have done 2-3 weeks before, but I waited till after. I *wish* I would have ordered my “thank you” notes before so I could have sent them out more timely. I know that is silly, but think about it: You have the wedding, then go on the honeymoon, and then after that, your life kinda has to return to the normal BEFORE you even started wedding planning (because yeah – it kinda stops when you’re wedding planning). I didn’t use a picture of us from the wedding, but I did customize them. If you can do it now, it could save you some stress later. 🙂


6. Oh, and don’t forget to take care of any last minute alterations. Try on the dress a couple of weeks before to make sure there are no surprises. And if your dress has been stuffed in a bag, bring a steamer with you day-of to steam out her wrinkles. It does make a difference..


Now let’s talk about the week of the wedding. You have a big week ahead of you. Here’s where it counts. Let’s say you have a Saturday wedding with a Friday rehearsal dinner.

1. First off, plan your outfits right now…or maybe the week before. This way, if you need to go shopping, you have time. 😉 By outfits, I mean your “rehearsal dinner” outfit, your “going to the chapel” outfit, and your “morning after” outfit. Honeymoon clothes shopping too!


2. Prep your out of town gift bags. For me, I wrote little notes in each bag. It was a little time consuming, so just factor that in. You will also need to set aside time to deliver these to the hotel, so they can be left in the room.


3. Pack for the honeymoon! Or at least your wedding night stay. Probably don’t want to be leaving a hotel Sunday morning in your wedding dress…not exactly the walk of shame, but it would be kinda funny – you have to admit. Make a check list of everything you will need too! (Ticket confirmation number, passport if needed, hotel information, etc.) You will also need to schedule time to either drop off your suitcase to the hotel the day of, or make sure you bring it to the church and then to the reception so it can leave with you…


4. Nails should be done on Thursday. Don’t load up Friday with so much stuff you get frazzled. Spread out everything as evenly as possible. Don’t forget to clean yo’ BLING! Let me give you my go-to simple solution if you don’t have time to go to the jeweler. For diamonds and gold ONLY. No precious stones or silver. 1 part Mr. Clean, 1 part ammonia, 1 part warm water. 15 minutes. Bam! So, shiny it makes my eyes hurt! 🙂 <3


5. Last minute chores: Guest book (don’t forget pens or sharpies), pictures that are to be set out, any decorations you are creating yourself, wedding undies (yes, some people have mistakenly worn VERY bright colored things………….), gather all of your family heirloom things that are a part of the wedding (something old, maybe? Cake toppers, serving ware, champagne glasses, jewelry, etc. Don’t forget the HANGER!!).


6. Speaking of something old, do you have your “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” ready? Put all of those goodies in a bag next to the door, ready to go.


7. Garter. ‘Nough said! Are you going to have a toss garter and a keep garter? If so, make sure you keep the toss one somewhere so it’s ready at the reception.


8. Are you exchanging gifts with your groom or bride? Better get it ready now! And if you are, tell your photog so they can fit it in the timeline!


9. Favors. This was a PAIN for me! I had big blocks of soap I had to cut and wrap. They were a huge hit, but it took a good amount of time and threatening for my fiancé to help me! Not to mention, I completely forgot/skimped on my signage that was for the soaps. Don’t forget the little signs and name tags for all your stuff! Don’t leave it till the day before (cough, like I did, cough).


10. Make a quick list of each vendor, contact person, and phone number. Put it somewhere important because you will want to have that with you on the day of. The last thing you want is for something to be late or go wrong and only have an email address. Be able to make that call if you need to! 


11. Confirm AT THE REHEARSAL with all of your family around what time they NEED TO BE AT THE CHURCH/VENUE FOR FAMILY PICTURES. And then REPEAT IT WITH FORCE. If they do not show up at the right time, or leave straight to the reception instead of staying for family formals….uh, guess they won’t be in the picture. *Face-Palm* Just make this point clear. (Maybe this made the list because I’m biased on the wedding photography part.)


12. Don’t drink tooooooo much at the rehearsal. You do not want to be hungover AND nervous as hell on your wedding day.


13. But that being said, have your sippin’ champagne prepped for day of. 🙂


14. Ask parents or good friend to pick up some snackies for day of wedding. You HAVE to eat something. Doesn’t matter how nervous and butterfly-filled your stomach is. If you are about to put on a 50 lb. dress in the summer or a remotely hot area, you will regret not eating anything.

Sewing kit needed!

15. Bring a pair of scissors, a sewing kit, and a crochet hook if you have buttons. Don’t ask, just do.***************** If you have a strapless dress, I will politely, with force, ask you to cut the little hanging straps off after I photograph the dress on the hanger. The LAST thing you want is to have those little straps poking out as you say I Do. And the straps pop out off and on for the rest of the day.


16. And ok, I’m just going to give you this little gem of a secret because – well- I’m not embarrassed! For the ladies with the cathedral length train, ridiculously long, going to the bathroom will be an issue, and you will need people to assist you…UNLESS you practice a different way. Ah ha! Lol, yep, I went there. Walk in to the bathroom, don’t turn and sit normal. Sit the wrong way. This takes some getting used to, so practice it once or twice before the big day, but it’s so much easier and less embarrassing so someone doesn’t have to hold your dress and listen to you pee. This is easier, because the train is at the back, and the front is just floor length, so you can hold it up. That being said, you really should pee before you even put the dress on.


17. Here’s one more little tip. Ladies, if you’re getting a spray on tan, 3 days before. No sooner. We’ve all seen The Wedding Planner


Ok, I know we talked about a lot on here, and I know it’s stressful. That’s just part of it. The last inning of the wedding planning will be busy with high tension and lots of last minute duties that pop up…randomly! The most important part of all of this, though, is that the wedding day will run smoothly, and you have an AMAZING day. These two lists are the LAST thing you want to worry about on your wedding day, so take care of it now!! 😉


Past brides: did I miss anything??

Future brides: what’s stressing you out now??



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