As I sit here writing this, I’m watching Opening Day for NFL, making soup, and wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Pretty much…Fall is here. I don’t know how I feel about that, especially since it was just Memorial Day weekend the other day, but nevertheless – Christmas is coming. Dum dum dummmmmmm. Which also means that it’s time to talk about Christmas mini sessions! I know what you’re thinking…but Maddie…it’s SEPTEMBER…I don’t even know where the last year went! Girlllllll, me too. You’re not alone. But here we are.

You know as well as I do that once those Halloween costumes come up, Christmas is just a short hop, skip, and a jump away! Whether that’s photos for your wall, your Christmas cards, or both…trees are changing, the weather is about to be cooler, and it’s PHOTO TIME! Woooo!

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So first thing’s first, what are mini sessions??

Mini sessions are 20 minute sessions of you, your family, your kids, a mini engagement session, a portrait session, a pet session…pretty much any type of session we can fit into 20 minutes at my predetermined location.

I am hosting SIX mini sessions this year that I’m really excited for. They will be at three gorgeous areas in the Denver area. For the sessions, I will have a blanket to sit on and a few Christmas props, but this session is less about props and all about your family and the pretty location.

Who are mini sessions for?

Mini sessions are great for those with little kids…and adult kids (you know who I’m talking about)…who don’t want to spend an entire hour (my normal family portrait session length) taking photos. (Part of me just loves taking a million photos and could do it all day long. The other part of me understands that *some* people would rather watch tv and have snacks. Crazy, right??) I get that we are working with shorter attention spans. That’s why I love doing these mini sessions; they’re short and sweet. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from for prints and cards and complaints from the fam will be kept to a minimum. That all being said, I’m still a huge fan of bribing. 😀

Mini sessions (Christmas minis, in particular) are great if you want a fun-themed photo, but you don’t want to pay for all of the setup costs! I’m bringing props, buying permits, scouting the locations, and setting up all of the little things to make these minis happen. Which means that all you have to do is show up! That’s the beauty of minis. They’re easy!

How much are minis??

Minis have a $49 sitting fee and your images will be purchased separately. Fill out the form below to have my pricing menu sent to you!

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Let’s get into the MINI FAQs!

What all is included in the price?

For your $49 sitting fee: your time reservation, the 20 minute photo session at the mini location, and a virtual ordering appointment for your photos is included. Prints, files, albums, etc. are not included.

How do I book?

Email me the time slot and day you are wanting. I will send over the package pricing, an online invoice for the sitting fee, and an online contract. Once the sitting fee invoice is paid and the contract is signed, you are BOOKED! From there, just show up to the location at your designated time and I’ll do the rest. No other payment is due until you decide which photos/packages you’d like to order at the virtual appointment.

Can I bring pets?

Yes! Minis are all about including the family…the whole family. Bring your pups (cats, ferrets, gerbils, fish??), a leash, and baggies to pick up after them.

I did a Christmas Mini last year. Do I get a discount??

Yes!! I offer 10% off any package you purchase with your discount for past brides and past mini-ers. 😀 Merry Christmas.

What about rain?

Ahhhh, the thing no one wants to talk about. In the event of rain or inclement weather (snow), minis will be rescheduled for the following week. If it does snow, but it’s not ridiculously cold, I may still keep the session to serve more as a winter wonderland if the people who have booked are ok with that. But all of that being said, I will take your opinions into consideration before making a final decision.

Do you sell cards, too?

Why, yes I do. I sell my own cards, and I also have a 20% off discount code with Minted if you would prefer designing your own! Here’s the code: HOLPHOTOMMOREE

Turnaround time?

The photos will be ready one weekish after the session. Once they are ready, we will need to schedule a virtual viewing appointment so you can see the photos and pick out the ones you want!


For print products, once you give me your order, I will have the pieces printed and either mail it to you or drop it off personally depending on your location and timing. For digital files, I will send those by online gallery where you can download directly.

Do you have print packages?

Yes! I have prints, files, albums, and cards available à la carte. I also have 3 packages to choose from. With ANY package purchase, all à la carte items are 20% off. All digital files are available for purchase OR come included with $800 purchase in products. Email me for full package offerings.

Can I bring my parents? Or can I pair up with my brother and sister and their families?

You are more than welcome to bring whomever you want!! I’m here for you! However, just remember that the more people we add, the less time each family has shooting. You might be more interested in each having your own session. For larger groups, I will shoot an entire group shot, and then I photograph each family unit so they have their own section of photos. For the viewing appointment, I recommend splitting it up instead of all families on the call for ordering ease.

What COVID precautions are you taking?

This year, all sessions will be outside and ordering appointments will be virtual. For the session, if you have any COVID symptoms, we can always reschedule your mini session for a different date. Don’t risk it.

Any other tips??

– Arrive 10-15 minutes before! Because I will be photographing multiple families in a day, it’s important to stay on schedule. Give yourself time to find parking, find me, and have a second to breathe. We only have 20 minutes, so you definitely don’t want to rush it and be frazzled when we start.

– Bring snacks for your kiddos and treats for your fur babies. We all know how quickly things can go downhill without those afternoon snacks.

– Don’t forget the leash and baggies for pups.

– Speaking of pets, remember they are a part of the family too. It’s always fun to have little outfits/bowties for them for that cherry on top.

– Feel free to bring blankets, signs, or Christmas hats/decor if you want those in the photos. I will have a red and black checked blanket to sit on, a Christmas tree, lights, wreath and ornaments. But if you want something else, bring it!

-I highly recommend choosing a time slot when your kids are usually happy little campers. I’ve had some families choose the sunset slot for lighting, but it was during their “witching hour.” Just something to keep in mind if you’re trying to keep a schedule.


Phew, I know this is a ton of information, but hopefully it answers ALL of your questions.

Email me ( if there was something I missed, if you’d like to see the packages, or to reserve your spot today!

I can’t wait to photograph you and your family and bring a little (albeit premature) holiday cheer. <3


Till next time.




Christmas and Fall Mini Package Pricing