Helllllllllllo WORLD!! What a crazy week it’s been! I’ve been working on some new projects, but I just had to get this Tyin’ the KNOT Thursday post out there because it’s been foreva since I posted!! And I’m not even going to lie. I’ve been sitting on this engagement session for a minute (Ok, ok. Longer than a minute). But, nevertheless…

I’m SO EXCITED to show you Bryan and Jordan’s awesome at home engagement session!

First off, meet Jordan and Bryan! These two, omg! Not only are they completely adorable (just look at them!!), they are super nice and ridiculously funny! I thought I was going to pee my pants a couple of times throughout this session because I was laughing so hard. TMI? Maybe, but what’d you expect from me anyways?? Lol!

sunset country engagement

They decided to do their engagement session at their house because they have this huge back yard with gorgeous trees and this cute little fence! And just look at the sun peeking through the trees. This was definitely one of those Golden Hour shoots, and I was LOVING the light. That paired with their cuteness made this a dream engagement session.


So, just a few short notes on “at home engagements:” You can opt for a 1 hour engagement over the 2 hour engagement probably because there’s not nearly as much walking and exploring…assuming you don’t have a huge ass property for us to explore. Hey, remember Derin and Bryan’s engagement?? That was their family farm, and we had enough spots to shoot to keep us occupied for hoursssssss.


I love at home engagements, though, because you really get a chance to shoot at a place that’s important and familiar to you (your home…). It’s super easy to incorporate animals for home engagements because you can just put them back in the house when you’re done, which is what we did with Jordan and Bryan’s pups! AND, you can probably even fit in an outfit change because you’re so close to a changing area. All great pros when trying to figure out locations.


That all being said, you really need to have a pretty yard or an interesting house (preferably with great light) so we actually have places to shoot. Just keep that in mind. Jordan and Bryan’s house and property was amazing, so that made it amazing!


These two are tyin’ the knot in September and I CANNOT wait for their day! But, enough talk. Let’s get to the photos! <3

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Alrighty y’all! That’s all I have for you today!!


Till next time.




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