If you were familiar with Weddings by Yen Studios, you may be wondering what Maddie Moree is, right? And what happened to Weddings by Yen Studios? Weddings by Yen Studios is being restructured and rebranded, and Maddie Moree is taking it’s place. This new company is a separate entity from Yen Studios, but remains a partner. Maddie Moree is the wedding division tailored just for our wedding clients. It’s is fun and flirty, cute and sweet! She’s there for you on your big day to hold your hand and walk you through the schedule, the moments, and most importantly, to capture them. Maddie Moree is your calmer downer, your poser, your hair fixer, your tissue holder, and your photographer. <3

So, let me introduce you to…me! My name is Madison.bridal portrait-memphis-photographer

My friends call me Maddie. And Moree is my middle name, named after my sweet great-grandmother. I’ve been shooting weddings with my dad, Rupert Yen of Yen Studios, for years. I just got married back in June to my kick-butt husband Daniel, so I know first-hand and fresh on my mind the pressures, questions, and feelings that accompany a wedding. Weddings, for me, are such an important time in life. Things are changing, and a new chapter is beginning. I want to be there to document it. To capture the moments of you seeing your new spouse right before you say “I do,” or the look on your dad’s face when you are dancing with him on the floor. There are so many heavy moments in a wedding day, and you will inevitably forget them…unless you have someone to capture them for you!

twitter for maddiemoreeThat’s where I come in. My packages are affordable, comprehensive, and trust me when I say that there will be no buyer’s remorse. With me, you not only get the backing of a photography company that has been in business for over 34 years, you also get top of the line equipment, a skilled 2nd shooter with me at all times on the wedding day, a book along with the digital files, and a girl…who is passionately in love with shooting weddings, the wedding industry, and the meaning of the day itself.


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