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So I have another amazing wedding with an awesome couple to show you!!
Brittany and Matt’s wedding was at Pinecrest out in Moscow, Tennessee! What a cute, rustic, BEAUTIFUL place for a wedding! I mean, for real!

Brittany and Matt were so laid back and easy going! You could really tell how much they love each other. Both of them were constantly making each other laugh. They are just sweet, loving, goofy, and real! I loved photographing their wedding!! So without further ado, Brittany and Matt’s Winter Wedding!

Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor001        Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor003 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor002Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor004Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor005Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor006Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor007  Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor008Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor009

This was the first time her dad saw her as she was standing by the window! It was SO sweet! <3


This was the first time her bridesmaids saw her too! Eee!

Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor011 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor012 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor013 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor014 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor015 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor016 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor017 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor018 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor019 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor020 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor021 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor022 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor023 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor024 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor025 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor026Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor027 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor028

Loved her favors! She let everyone choose a mug, and then right next to that was a coffee/hot chocolate station! Such a cute idea!

Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor029 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor030 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor031 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor032 Maddie_Moree_Photography_wedding_pinecrest_diy_outdoor033

I want to list out a couple of things here that I really felt made a difference. So, for my ladies still working on the timeline, etc – pay attention.


1. We had ample time for pictures. The ceremony started at 1:30! They chose to do a first look, and we knew the reception was going to be shorter. We padded the timeline so much up front, it gave us SO MUCH time to take: great first look pictures, several couples pictures, and TONS of wedding party pictures! Everyone was relaxed. No one was rushing around. I’m really grateful that Brittany and Matt were so open to taking so many pictures and exploring all over the property!

2. Their exit was adorable! The bubbles made for great pictures. The end results were light and airy! Ahh, I loved it! For anyone getting married at a different ceremony location or a shortened reception, I recommend some sort of exit like this! Because sparklers are great and fun, but sometimes bubbles or little confettis are better…

Special thanks to my second shooter, Katie! I love her eye for detail! 🙂

Decorations: Brittany! (DIY baby, woooo!)

Venue: Pinecrest

Dress: David’s Bridal

Wedding Photographer: Me…lol

Feel free to comment below and share with your friends!!

Till next time!


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