October Challenge Jab Jab Hook

So I have been to a few kickboxing classes now, and I wanted to give an account of my very first class to show you how I’m doing!

I’ll throw these in here every now and then to keep you posted. And I’ll do a final post at the end of the month!

Class 1:

Took my before pictures. Compared to my other friends taking a similar challenges (Alex’s “Banishing Skinny Fat” and Joelle’s “No Booze No Boys” Challenge), I have a little more work to do. Lol


A few thoughts before I started my first class.

Ooo, look at these badass boxing gloves. 😉 This is legit. 

Oh, I hope I don’t break a nail. (Now, I know what you’re thinking…weak. BUT for your information, breaking a nail hurts! So there! 😛 )


10:05 Class has started. Is it normal to be this tired after warm-up? 40 minutes to go. (class is 45 minutes long).


10:07 Oh my GOD! People do this for fun?? I’m supposed to do what? 38 minutes…


10:13 I’m going to be sore. I might already be sore. This kicking kinda hurts. 32 minutes to go.


NEED water. I thought I was in shape. I’ve been going to yoga!! (<—not kidding, actually thought this).


10:21 I can’t tell if wearing a watch is helping this go by faster or slower. Please let it be OVER….24 minutes left.


10:24 I hate everyone. Ahhhhhh. What if I just rested in child’s pose for a minute? 21 minutes to go.


10:27 OK Madison, pull it together!!!! You’re looking a little pathetic compared to these other ladies.

There was like a 60 year old lady keeping up better than me. 🙁 18 minutes…


10:30 Weird cough developed. Can’t. Stop. Coughing. What does this mean? Maybe I’m physically impaired and should stop immediately. 15 minutes to go.


10:35 Cough still there. Found a small second wind. Jab jab HOOK! 10 minutes to go.


10:38 Second wind gone. Really ready to be done. My pushups are awful. Is this even considered a pushup? 7 min left!


10:42 Not another burpee! 3 min left.


10:44 Yeah, that last self-challenge isn’t really going to happen…I’m just going to lay here for a minute (maybe 5).


I finally finished. I obviously didn’t die, but I couldn’t go back for a few days because, my calves hate me. Stairs were a problem. I’m still incredibly sore, but I have a few key takeaways from this:


  1. You will look ridiculous. But get over it. It’s a process, and choose a punching bag in the back.
  2. I’ve never been so sore from another sport in my life. So I think something will definitely happen in this month.
  3. At the very least, you will learn to kick someone if they are coming towards you and run away. Bonus for safety.
  4. 20 minutes in, I was like “Uh, hell no. I quit.” But then I reasoned, “No, that’s just lame.” And so I didn’t. So it doesn’t really matter how many times you want to say “I quit.” It matters how many times you say, “no, that’s just lame. I’ll keep going.”
  5. Cut your nails before you go.

I felt like Bridget Jone’s with her workout diary. 🙂 I’m going to channel my “Bridget” for the next few weeks. Be back soon!



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