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So, I know everyone is all ready for the weekend! I wanted to make a quick post on prepping for your mini sessions this weekend and the next!

So let’s get down to it.

For the Tree farm on the 13th…

Here is the address: 1890 Getwell Rd, Nesbit, MS 38651

If you’re heading south on Getwell, the tree farm will be on your left. It kinda sneaks up on you, so just pay attention.

Here are just a few quick pics taken with my iphone. You will want to park up front and walk around the right side of the building.

Christmas Tree Farm

This is what you are looking for. You’ll see my cool vintage red truck when you’re walking around the property (not pictured). I recommend getting there about 10 or so minutes early. This will give you time to find it, and meet me at our spot. We will be past this bridge area. Don’t worry, you’ll see it when you pull up. I will also have a LOVELY Santa Elf assistant there to tell you where you need to go. 🙂 She may or may not be wearing a Santa Hat. Not making any promises on that one.

Christmas Tree Farm


For Downtown on the 19th:

Here’s a screen shot of the area we will be shooting at Downtown! Thanks Google Maps.

Downtown mini session

There is free parking on the street of Vance. We will be starting with more brick in the background, and then head over to this park-like area. downtown mini session industrial

General tips for your portrait session:

1. Arrive a hair early. Getting there late will cut into your session time.

2. Go to the bathroom before you leave! I was walking around…and they only have porta-potties at the tree farm nothing really downtown. Not a big deal, just an FYI.

3. Bring your leash and doggy bags to clean up after your pups.

4. Bring any props that you will want to use. I am providing a red truck we can pose on for the Tree Farm. (Not for downtown). (We don’t have to use if you’re not digging it.) The rest is up to you and your preferences.

5. Bring backup clothes for the kiddos…just in case something happens or gets dirty.

6. Bring treats for furbabies and snacks for real babies. Sessions are only 15 minutes, so I’m a huge fan of bribing for good behavior. 😀

What to wear to the mini session:

So. I get this question a lot. What should I wear??? I have a general post of what to bring/what to wear to a shoot. Here’s a more color scheme specific point that I wanted to make, esp for family portraits. I feel like a family should wear colors that:

  1. make sense for the season. This is considered fall now so that means maroons, purples, navies, oranges, grays, browns, and darker greens. I don’t really recommend pastel colors, but hey – if that’s your jam…more power to you.
  2. matches, but is not tooooooo “matchy, matchy.” I know that’s a really really general statement, but hear me out. You don’t want to all be wearing the exact same color. The goal is to look cohesive without looking like everyone is wearing the same pair of pants…I also like one general color, one neutral color, and then you can add in one pop of color. (That’s optional). If you’re still unsure, I want you to go to pinterest, and type in the search bar: Fall color schemes for pictures. And here, I want y’all to look at the photos and think to yourself…does this picture have TOO much brown (or some other color)?? If the answer is yes, then add in a red or orange, or blue…something to break up the sameness. It also helps if you lay out everyones outfit on the floor next to each other. That’s a great visual to see if there is too much of one color.
    1. Scarves sweaters make for GREAT little pops of color. If it’s too much, we can take it off. 🙂

Here are a few examples:

family portrait color scheme

family portrait color scheme red

family portraits colors scheme

Alrighty, y’all! I hope this helps! Y’all take down my number and call/text me if you have trouble finding anything. Me and my santa elf assistant are here to help! 901-412-4482.

See you soon!!


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