Who’s ready for the weekend??

This girl!!

Maddie all excited

Let me tell you why!!

Because it’s the first weekend of my Mini photography sessions! That’s why!! DUH! 

Wooooowooooo! So, let’s talk about the details so everyone’s on the same page.

Where is it:

The Fall Mini session is THIS SATURDAY at Shelby Farms Beaver Lake. 

There is still time to sign up, so if you have are interested in having cute fall family photos, here’s the link to signup times!

For your mini session, you’ll want to get there about 10 or so minutes early to find it, park, and get settled. If you get lost, call me and I will help you find it! If I don’t answer, text me. I’ll get back to you ASAP. 901-412-4482

If you are late, it will cut into your session time, so please keep that in mind when you are prepping!

SO directions….

Here’s the address:

Beaver Lake Cv

Memphis, TN 38134

Here are the coordinates. I’m not sure how that works on a phone, but we’ll see…

35.1411360, -89.8209260

If you’re heading East on Walnut Grove towards Cordova, you will want to take a left on Great View Dr E like you’re going to the Kitchen Restaurant. Take this road until it dead ends and then take a right on Great View Dr N. Take your next right on N. Pine Lake Dr. And then finally you take a right on Beaver Lake Cove. You will see the horse stables on your left right after you turn onto Beaver Lake Cove. Just go past that and you see parking, the lake, and the pavilion area. We will be shooting around this area.

If you’re coming from I-40, take Whitten exit and head south. Take a left onto Mullins Station. Then take a right onto N. Pine Lake Drive. Take a left on Beaver Lake Cove or the street right after the Horse stables. Take that all the way down, and voila! There we are! 🙂

I made y’all a super handy map below! Blue directions are coming from i-40. Red directions are coming from Walnut Grove.

beaver lake

What to bring:

Bring any props that you will want to have in the photos. Whether that’s signs, certain blankets, pumpkins…I’m leaving this up to you! I’ll also have a cute fall blanket that you can use that’s red and black plaid.

Bring your pets! 🙂 If you want your pets in your family portrait session, then I certainly want to photograph your pets for you family portrait session!

Bring your leash and doggy bags to clean up after your pups.

Bring backup clothes for the kiddos…just in case something happens or gets dirty.

Bring treats for furbabies and snacks for real babies. Sessions are only 15 minutes, so I’m a huge fan of bribing for good behavior. 😀



What to wear:

It’s fall. So, I recommend wearing fall colors: browns, maroons, oranges, navy blues, and purples.

When choosing clothes, you want to make sure you all look cohesive. So, it helps if you choose a color palette. If you are unsure of some good color palettes, just go to Pinterest and type in “fall color palettes.” Pick one or two main colors and then add in neutral colors to fill any gaps.  Or you can pick one color and do different tones of the same color. If you only choose one color, I recommend adding in a pop of color to break it up a bit! Scarves and sweaters make for great pops of color, and you can always take those off if you want to change it up. Don’t forget your pup! Bowties, scarves, and leashes can also bring in some color!

Ok, so it would look something like this:

Palette of main colors: Navy and pink maroon. Neutrals: Grey

family portrait color scheme

Palette: Navy blue, light blue, midnight navy blue Pop of color: Maroon

family portraits colors scheme

Palette: Brown, cream Neutrals: White, jeans Pop of color: Red (in scarf and bowtie)

xmas mini-027

General Tips:

Go to the bathroom before you leave! We will be at a park, so be prepared for port-a-potties…..

Be open. Be goofy. Be ready to have fun! 🙂 My goal is to photograph your family the way y’all are. Of course there will be happy photos where everyone’s smiling and looking at the camera. But I also love taking photos of y’all laughing together and being yourselves.

Be on time/early. I know I keep harping on this! And I am the QUEEN of being late, so I feel your pain. But you only have a short bit of time for photos, so I’d hate for it to be eaten up by traffic or a clothes dilemma.

What to expect:

So, we only have 15-30 minutes for these sessions! If you have any shots in particular that you want to try to make happen, just have it on your phone and we can do that!

As far as posing, do NOT worry! I got your back! We’ll walk around; I’ll set you up. You’ll look at me. You’ll look at each other. Y’all will be goofy. Y’all will snuggle. And the photos will be cute.

After the session is finished, I will go home and edit these as fast as my eyeballs can take. One week to be exact!

I hope this post helped you prep for the mini session! I can’t wait!!!!!

Fall minis 2017, I’m READY FOR YA!

As always, I’m here for questions, and I’ll see y’all on Saturday!

Till next time!


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