Hey y’all!

I have some new wedding photography to show youuuuuuuuuu!

So let me just tell you a few things about this awesome couple. Not only were they amazingly sweet, they were also possibly the easiest couple to pose…ever. Their love was so apparent, it about brought tears to my eyes. As Katelynn was on her way to see Jordan for the first time, I asked her if she wanted her bouquet for it. She said, “No. I want to hold him with both hands.” *tear* (So stinkin’ sweet!) There was no anxiety or nervous energy. They were just ready to be married.

That pretty much sums up the rest of the day. Smiling, laughing, kissing, holding each other…with their closest friends and family. 🙂 The day was full of genuine emotion, and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it!

We started out at First Evangelical Church for the getting ready and ceremony portion. Then we made it downtown for the Balinese Ballroom for the reception!

As a total side note, I’ve been playing around with some new presentation ideas.

Now that we have officially started the “wedding season,” I’m looking for ways to share a better story. And what better way to share the wedding day full of love and moments than with a video and some music?!

These are new, so I would love some feedback on them! Do you prefer the old way of blog posts or this way?? Comment below!

I want to send a special thanks to my second shooter, Amy! Thank you soooooooo much for helping out!!


For all of my brides-to-be, here’s Katelynn and Jordan’s wedding vendor list!

Ceremony Venue: First Evangelical Church

Reception Venue/Catering: Balinese Ballroom

Flowers: Snap Dragon Floral Designs

DJ: Jimmy with DeepBlu

Photography: Meeeeee!

Till next time, y’all!



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