Howdy y’all! I had the great pleasure of photographing Bill and Jessie’s wedding at the Pink Palace a couple of weeks ago!

Let me tell ya, nothing screams a classic Memphis wedding like the Pink Palace!

The day, for February, was PERFECT! It wasn’t freezing, and it was a little overcast…aka – a photographer’s dream. Overcast days make for great diffused light.

I loved the colors in Jessie and Bill’s wedding. The pops of color in the flowers on that gorgeously classic cream inside the Pink Palace! Ahh! I’m getting all excited just thinking about it! Jessie made a B-E-A-utiful bride! That hair, makeup, and dress. Woo! She was literally the quintessence of a perfect bride. I digress…

This day was such a special day for the both of them. You could tell that there was no fluff when it came to the guest list. Every single person who was at that wedding was there because they truly loved Jessie and Bill. Never have I ever been to a wedding where the bride walks through the door for the ceremony and there are loud gasps and immediate tears. I started tearing up myself. Bill had the happiest smile, and you could just see the love. <3

Not to mention the kids called Jessie and Bill the Palace Prince and Princess as we walked through the museum to grab a few special shots with a dinosaur! Yeah, I know. This couple is pretty rockin!

So, introducing! Jessie and Bill, and their happy day…

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Firstly, I want to extend a special thanks to:

My amazing second shooter: Philip Murphy! What a huge help!! Thank you again!!

Secondly, I want to mention. They had little mustaches for people to wear for their photobooth. OMG, what a hit! It was so cute. Little kids were walking around all night with these cute mustaches on. It was hilarious!!



Wedding Vendors for my ladies planning their big day now!

Photography: Me. Duh 🙂

Venue: Pink Palace (obviously)

Catering: Fork it Over Catering

Flowers: Rachel’s Flowers

Bride’s cake: Sweet Scentsations

Grooms Cake: Frost

Alterations: Better Fit Bridal Alterations (I LOVE Sandy.)

Hair/makup: Dara at Empire

Till next time, peeps! Congrats again to the happy couple!!


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