I cannot WAIT to show you Emily and Andrew’s Cedar Hall wedding!

What a sweet couple!! Their day was so amazing. Talk about a beautiful day for a wedding! The sun was OUT! 🙂 Now, have y’all seen a wedding at Cedar Hall before?? Oh my gosh, there were soooo many picturesque spots to get the bride and groom portraits, not to mention the wedding party. For my future brides to be looking for a GORGEOUS venue, check out Cedar Hall for sure. From the getting ready rooms to the ceremony to the Stables…I think it made for some really nice shots!

Now, eeeee (that’s the noise I make when I’m excited)! It’s time to introduce Emily and Andrew!! I just want to make a couple of notes before I show their gorgeous day! 1. They did a first look! (Definitely saves time, ladies. Really think about it before you say no!)  And 2. In this wedding, you can see some of the benefits of a second shooter. Katie (my lady!!) was able to go behind the doors of the ceremony site to get some really unique and “in the moment” shots! I loved them, and I included some for this post so you can see! When adding on a second shooter, you get a completely different perspective. You’re always going to get those safe shots, but you will definitely be rewarded with the riskier shots by hiring on a second.

Alrighty….let’s DO this!

Getting ready dress Getting ready photography Getting ready

First look with dads are always soooo sweet! <3

First look with dad First look with dad photos Getting ready, guys Getting ready groom first look first look bride groom bride groom portraits bride groom cedar hall portraits wedding party portraits Cedar Hall ceremony Cedar Hall Wedding

Here is where you can see the advantages to having a second shooter. She is able to get a totally different angle from up front while I am in the back. Sometimes this changes…me up front and her in the back. But either way, you get more than one viewpoint!

second shooter perspective the kiss Cedar Hall Wedding recessional

We had some extra time for more bride and groom photos! I’m sooooo glad!

couples portraits after ceremony couples portraits Cedar Hall Wedding couples portraits

Now, this group can REALLY dance! They were bustin’ a move the entire reception! Jimmy with DeepBlu did a great job keepin’ them on the dance floor! There were many times where my jaw literally dropped from their moves. #jealous #iwishicoulddance

First dances father daughter, mother son dance Cedar Hall Reception Cedar Hall Dancing reception Cedar Hall cake cut The Stables The Stables reception Bride groom dip Sparkler exit limo getaway

I want to send a special shoutout to my second shooter Katie! You rocked it! Thanks for helping me for this one!

Venue and catering: Cedar Hall

DJ: Jimmy with DeepBlu

Photography: Meeee Maddie Moree! 

Dress: Low’s Bridal

Cake: Her mom made it!! Wasn’t it just perfect??!

Flowers: Debbie Aldridge

Limo: Tennessee Limo Company

(I know the getaway car can be the last thing we think about…but often times, it’s pretty pricey. So don’t forget to budget it in!)

Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Erikson with Goulds

Till next time, y’all!

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