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I have a new Midtown engagement session to show you!

Meet Casey and Derek!

Casey and Derek are possibly the most athletic people I have met…in my life! 12 hour races, 6 min miles…for a marathon. It doesn’t really compare to my uhhh 45 min kickboxing class… When Casey mentioned she wanted to incorporate running into the photography, I was really excited to try something completely different and show what they are really about! Look, I even came up with a hashtag for them! #loverunsdeep Booya! Well, actually my husband came up with it, but what’s his is mine, eh?

We started this session at an awesome mural off of Cooper and Peabody! Now murals can sometimes be difficult to start at because the couple isn’t that warmed up to the camera yet. You definitely have to start with more posing, less natural movement. But not this time! Boom. They were ready to go, nbd, y’all! Additionally, it was on the side of a gym, which was really fitting! Lol!

Super fun, laid back, goofy…and definitely in love! So here we go.

Midtown memphis engagement Midtown memphis engagement   Unique memphis mural engagement Unique memphis mural engagement Unique memphis mural engagement

I just love Casey’s expression looking at Derek.

Overton square engagement

This couple looks like they should be in a magazine! Yeesh!

Overton square engagement

Ok, from Overton Square, we went to Overton Park! It was pretty busy, but we had the trails pretty much to ourselves! I love shooting at this park and finding new spots to hit!

overton park engagementoverton park engagement

I know Derek and Casey were hoping for a more “lush” area, but we still got some green! 😉

overton park engagementoverton park engagement

I loved this one. Sometimes Derek would put his hand under her chin and bring her in for a kiss. It was so sweet….. 🙂

overton park engagementoverton park engagementoverton park engagementoverton park engagement Ring Bling on bicycle favor

So then we switched into running gear. This was definitely their element! We even got a little sun peeking through on what was originally an overcast day. As if the heavens were saying, “Run, Derek and Casey! Run like the wind!” lol

Overton park athletic engagementOverton park athletic engagementbreak away running engagement Overton park athletic engagement Overton park athletic engagement

Can’t wait for their wedding in October! I know it will be as fun as their engagement session!

Till next time!


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