Meet Brad and Natalie!!

memphis engagement maddie moree

They are officially the sweetest, most chill couple…not to mention super cute!! I had an amazing time shooting their engagement session, and I cannot WAIT to shoot their wedding in April!! When we were discussing ideas for locations, she mentioned that her dear friend has a gorgeous farm in Marion, AR that had a huge sunflower field. Once she said that, I was like….um, YES WE HAVE TO GO THERE! I, actually, had not shot in a sunflower field, and I’m so glad we made that happen for their session. The sunflower season is super short, so these little guys were starting to droop a bit, but they were still amazing!! I loved the shots and vibe we accomplished at the farm. In my head, I imagine that this is where a summer lovin’ romance novel would take place. Yea. I know. I’m a dork.

A quick note on the engagement sessions. When we book these, I usually recommend choosing 2 separate (but close in proximity) locations so you can get 2-3 different looks in one…another reason why my engagements are 2 hours long. So for Natalie and Brad, we started downtown in the South Main area. I have shot a ton right in this area recently, so I was ready to move to a few other places. And I’m so glad we did. We ended up getting an awesome variety with a little industrial, a little modern, a gorgeous garden-y area, and THEN we hopped across the bridge to the sunflower field – which was completely different…obviously.

And then one last little shout out before I show the photos!!

It was ridiculously hot the day we shot this, but these two stuck it out like champs. I was sweating an insanely unlady-like amount…but I, luckily, get to wear work out clothes and be behind the camera when we shoot. So, good job, guys! I definitely recognize that the Memphis summer can be brutal, and y’all rocked it!

And now for Brad and Natalie’s seriously cute Downtown Memphis + Rustic Sunflower Field engagement session…Enjoy!

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