Memphis Wedding Photography: Ryan and Chandler

Wooooooohoooooooooo!!! It’s Friday, y’all!!! And I am so stinkin’ excited to FINALLY show you this super sweet wedding from forever ago.

I loved loved loved shooting Ryan and Chandler’s wedding day! Their décor was out of this world, and their schedule for the wedding day was pretty different than other weddings. They had the ceremony mid-morning at the Calvary Episcopal Church, then they had a swanky brunch at the Visible Music College (I love the idea of a brunch reception), and finished it all off with an evening reception/cocktail hour at the High Cotton Brewery! I loved their different events.  Their evening reception gave everyone a chance to mingle, eat cake, and play games (darts, jenga, corn hole)…all with a High Cotton brew!

Each of their venues were great picks all located close to each other. I especially love shooting at the Visible Music College on Madison. Man, that’s such a cool venue. It does get pretty warm with the sun shining through that glass ceiling, but it’s like having your party outside, but it’s rain proof!! Love it! I would highly recommend….maybe just not in the summer or during the hotter part of the day unless in the winter. (If in the winter, definitely have the ceremony during the day and then move inside for the reception because that courtyard is pretty open.)

Anyways, enough about venues…let’s get to the photos! Just a side note, we did do a first look for photos, which I have their reactions below. So cute! And obviously, this was a military wedding…Ryan, thank YOU for your service! (Side note, did you know I offer a military discount….?)

Alrighty….here we go! Introducing Ryan and Chandler’s Wedding photography from Calvary Church, Visible Music College, and High Cotton Brewery!!

calvary church details Bride getting ready details Bride getting ready details Maddie Moree First look calvary First look bride groom calvary dancing calvary maddie moree

These photos cracked me up!! So we have the happy smiling photo…

wedding party traditional shot

And then we have this super serious, military, old-timey looking photo. Ahahahaha! The kids in this photo just make me laugh out loud at their adorable-ness!!! LOL!!!

wedding party goofy shot

Chandler was such a gorgeous and classic bride…..I couldn’t even help but put these in black and white! <3

bridal portrait groom portrait Calvary Church Maddie Moree wedding Calvary Church Maddie Moree wedding ceremony The kiss maddie moree recessional maddie moree calvary church Visible Music College Brunch Reception Wedding ring maddie moree details Bride groom introduction maddie moree bride groom first dance visible music college Visible music college reception bride groom dancing brother sister first dance maddie moree Calvary Church Visible Music College Memphis Wedding Maddie Moree 21 kids at receptions maddie moree reception cocktail shots Visible music college cocktail shots maddie moree bride groom portraits at the Madison Hotel Second reception at High Cotton Detail shots Second reception at High Cotton candids Second reception at High Cotton high cotton cake cut high cotton reception maddie moree

Congratulations again, you two!! I loved working with y’all!!

I wanted to send out a special thanks to my second shooter Emily!! As always, I love working with you!

And for all of my Brides-to-be, here is Chandler and Ryan’s Memphis Wedding Vendor List:

Ceremony Venue: Calvary Episcopal Church

Brunch Reception Venue: Visible Music College

Evening Reception Venue: High Cotton Brewery

Photographer: Meeeee, Maddie Moree. <–want to know more?! Click here!

Wedding planner: Natalie Chrestman with 117 Event Design <–the décor was ON POINT! 

Caterer: Simply Delicious, yummmmmmm!

Makeup: Kendrick Simpson

Cake: Carolyn Chrestman

Florist: Eric Milner

Band: Caleb Sigler


Till next time, y’all!!



January 5, 2018

Memphis Wedding Photography: Gillian and Wilson’s Loflin Wedding

Happy Tyin’ The Knot Tuesday, folks!!!

Did y’all know Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week?! For real. I’m not even kidding. I work almost every Saturday. And Sunday is to recover from Saturday. Monday is computer work. But Tuesdays, man…

Tuesdays are the days that I allow myself to sleep in, go eat Chinese food, go shopping, maybe go see a movie (Malco has super discount specials on Tuesdays. FYI. You’re welcome.). Pretty much, whatever Maddie wants to do on a Tuesday, she makes it HAPPEN! And yes, I just referred to myself in the third person.

So, what does it say about me that I am posting the most Pinterest-perfect, gorgeous wedding on my blog today?

Only this: that today, THIS is what I WANT to do. Gush about Wilson and Gillian’s wedding! Because sometimes, work is not work at all. Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes, it is. I really have a love-hate relationship with blogging. It’s definitely been a hot minute since I’ve posted my weddings, especially in a timely manner. But, it is so so so rewarding to go back and relive days like Wilson and Gillian’s! Both of their families and friends were just amazing. This couple was hilarious! And sweet! And real! Not to mention super attractive! Umm, did you see Gillian in that dress??! Jeez.

I loved working with them!

I’m sorry it took me so long to get this published, but I’m so glad I was able to be a part of their day. And I’m super lucky that I was the one who got to document it all!

And so, here we go!

Wilson and Gillian’s Loflin Yard Wedding…

Wedding Dress wedding ring Getting ready bride Bridal getting ready loflin first look dad loflin first look with dad maddie moree Bridesmaids loflin yard bridesmaids loflin wedding photography bride and groom groom getting ready groom and groomsmen

The groomsmen photos. HILARIOUS. No other words for it. Tears in my eyes. Had to stop for a moment to regain composure. Can we all just take a moment to notice the one guy in the light gray suit….lol.

goofy groomsmen

The flowers and décor. OMG. Gillian. Erin. Betsy. Whoever. Winners! A-mazing!!!

ceremony details Loflin Wedding memphis photography maddie moree 14 Ceremony moments with dad grooms reaction to seeing bride ceremony loflin yard Loflin Wedding memphis photography maddie moree 18 wedding ceremony the kiss recessional maddie moree Huge wedding party bride and groom portraits couples photography loflin wedding photography Loflin Wedding maddie moree couples wedding details hollidays flowers wedding reception photography father daughter reception dancing wedding cake cut wedding cake smash couples cocktail guest shots loflin guests cocktail shots wedding guests loflin wedding reception maddie moree groom singing to bride loflin wedding reception maddie moree Loflin Wedding memphis photography maddie moree 38 Sparklers natural lightsparkler exit maddie moree bride and groom getaway car

Congrats again, you two!!

Of course, I want to send a special shoutout to my lady, Emily! Thanks for all of your hard work and great photography! 🙂

And for all my brides-to-be, here is wedding vendor list!

Venue: Loflin Yard

Photographer: Meeeee, Maddie Moree. <–want to know more?! Click here!

Wedding planner: Betsy with Salt Style and Events  I love Betsy! And her events! I also did a little interview with her. Check out my vendor scoop with Betsy here.

Caterer: Gannon Hamilton (the catfish crostinis….holy guacamole.)

Cake: Frost

Florist: Hollidays <–y’all outdid yourselves on this one! Gorgeous flowers!!!! <3 <3 

Band: Bueller Band

Rentals: Affordable Party Rentals


Till next time, y’all! Happy Tuesday!


December 12, 2017

Memphis Wedding Photography: Paul and Holly’s Elvis Wedding

Heyyyyyy y’all!! I have a special Tyin’ the Knot Thursday for you today!!

Now, it’s kinda been a minute since Paul and Holly’s wedding, but holiday season has me totally swamped in editing. But AT LAST, here it is!! Y’all remember Paul and Holly from their engagement session, right?? Possibly the cutest couple in Memphis…AND the most awesome neighbors EVA!!

Paul and Holly’s wedding day was gorgeous. They got married at the Guesthouse at Graceland, which is the swankiest, blingiest, Elvis-tastic hotel…I’m going to venture to say…IN THE WORLD. It was Elvis/Red carpet themed with Elvis sunglasses and gold pompoms as party favors. The wedding dress – a blush pink – along with the most bitchin’ suit jacket for Paul were just the beginnings of how fabulous the decor and outfits were that night.

I’m SO glad I got to be there and document their big day!!

And now, I present to you, Paul and Holly’s ELVIS Wedding.

Wedding dress details bride getting ready maddie Moree bride getting ready groom getting ready groom getting ready gracelandgroom portraits  bridal portrait guesthouse at graceland Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography first look maddie Moree Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography first look Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography bride and groom couples portraits maddie moree Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography bride and groom couples portraits Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography bride and groom Guesthouse at Graceland wedding photography Guesthouse at Graceland wedding party photography bridesmaids Guesthouse at Graceland wedding party photography Guesthouse at Graceland wedding ceremony photography details Guesthouse at Graceland wedding ceremony photography Guesthouse at Graceland wedding ceremony maddie moree Guesthouse at Graceland wedding ceremony wedding reception details bride groom introduction and dancing mother son father daughter wedding reception dance graceland ballroom dancing Maddie moree wedding reception guesthouse at graceland reception Graceland wedding reception maddie moree 26 Guesthouse Graceland reception maddie moree cake smash Guesthouse Graceland reception maddie moree cake Ring detail photography Guesthouse Graceland reception maddie moree dancing Guesthouse Graceland reception maddie moree

At the end, Paul sang Tennessee Whiskey to Holly. It was amazing. And Holly’s reaction was adorable!! <3

Guesthouse Graceland reception groom singing reception wedding

A big ol’ congratulations to one of the FUNNEST couples I know!! I’m so happy for you guys!! <3 <3

Of course, I couldn’t do it without my second shooter, Emily!! Thanks for all that you do!


For all of my brides-to-be, here are Paul and Holly’s Wedding vendor list:

Photography: Meeeeeee, Maddie moree

Venue and Caterer: Guesthouse at Graceland <– y’all, the food was on point.

Dress: Barefoot Bride

Groom’s Suit: Lanskey’s

Band: The Chris Hill Band

Cake and Cupcakes: Lucy J’s Bakery
Hair: Andrea Greenhill
Make Up: Molly McKnight
Flowers: The Flower Girl Florist, Tunica, MS
Green Back Wall: Bride of Boaz
Coordinator: Sally Perry 🙂


Till next time, peeps!



November 30, 2017

Should I do a Christmas Mini Session?? Asking for a friend…

Have you been thinking to yourself, “Madddddddieee, I want to do the session, but ughhhhh. I don’t know. I’m already paying ALL this money for my wedding. And sending Christmas cards are such an adult thing to do. And I’m not even married yet, so that would be weird, right? And it’s only like 15 minutes. And my fiancé is all ‘bleh’ on photos, so I just don’t think I can justify it.”

First off – girl – I HEAR YA! You’re right! Weddings are expensive…AND stressful. I totally understand that. And sending Christmas cards ARE such an adult thing to do. I’m like….does an evite count?! lol. #reallifeadulting

And, yes, the session is 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on what y’all choose. But……..

Here are 5 reasons why Christmas Minis are perfect for couples!

So, if you did NOT add an engagement session to your package, this is the “have your cake and eat it too” opportunity to have couples photos.

1. PRICE: That’s right, baby! It’s cheaper. An engagement session with me is $500. A Christmas mini is $150 for 15 minutes and $210 for 30 minutes. That’s a pretty big difference. And if you are a Maddie Moree couple, you get a 10% discount off on the session! So $135 for the 15 min and $189 for the 30 min.


2. Retouched image: You get one retouched image, which is PERFECT for the Save the Date (or a Christmas Card if you decide to be an adult), in ADDITION to your high resolution images that we take. You get 2 retouched images for the 30 minute session.


3. Comfortable with each other: We get to work together before the wedding day!! There are so many benefits to this. I can figure out how y’all interact with each other before the wedding. Y’all will be used to me being up in your grill photographing you. All of these things lead to BETTER wedding photos. You know what to expect. I find out what style you like. WIN. WIN. (I originally typed WINE instead of WIN…and I allllllmost left it because WINE is  WIN! But anyways…)


4. It’s ONLY 15 minutes: Which is awesome. 15-30 minutes is actually a great timeframe for people who hate taking photos or have a short attention span. Meaning your fiancé who’s all bleh on photos has NO excuse not to be up for some photos for 15 minutes. And, ya know, he might find out that Maddie is pretty freakin’ hilarious making jokes and being goofy the entire session and realize that taking photos is SO MUCH FUN.


5. Photo options: Yes, we will be shooting at a tree farm and with Christmas trees, but it DOESN’T have to be Christmas-y. We will be shooting in nature for the most part. So while Christmas is an option that we CAN TOTALLY OWN….we can also do wooded nature and scenery. This is absolutely the case at Shelby Farms lake because there are no Christmas trees at all.


Boom! I know that was eye opening! Are you ready to sign up? 😀 Here’s the link to times.

Listen, I hear your questions, and I want to answer more. Just email me or comment below, and I’ll answer them directly or in another goofy blog post!


Till next time.




October 20, 2017

Memphis Engagement Photography: Paul and Holly

Happy Fri-YAY, y’all! Can we get a hallelujah for the weekend?!

So, let me introduce you to Holly and Paul! I love this couple sooooooooo much!! They are going ALL out for their wedding next month with a truly Memphis-themed wedding at the Guesthouse at Graceland!

Oh, you haven’t been there yet? It’s only the swankiest Elvis inspired hotel….(I’m just going to say it) in the WORLD! Boom! Every room in the hotel has an Elvis something going on. There’s a million different kinds of wallpapers that have crazy colors and different kinds of textures, just like Graceland does. Elvis music is playing in the background, and who doesn’t love that?!

It will be my first wedding there, and I can’t wait! I love photographing new venues. You get to walk in with fresh eyes! Sometimes, when you’ve shot at the same place over and over again, you kinda get stuck doing the same things. Shooting at a new place, you feel extra creative and see everything differently.

For Paul and Holly’s engagement photography session, we decided to stay in downtown Memphis. I shoot a lot downtown, so it’s good to mix it up every now and then! I’ve shot at this garden area before, but never really at the bridge. So that was pretty exciting! Also, the second part of their session was mostly all new walls and river shots, which was a lot of fun!

Clothes-wise. Can I also just say how much I loved their outfits?? They opted for a pretty formal first outfit and then a super cute and casual Grizzlies-themed second outfit. I think the formal garden area was a perfect match, and then we went for a more city look for the Grizz themed part. I like it when couples have two completely separate looks! And if you’re going to go formal, I always recommend starting with that since you will be fresh and not hot/sweaty!

Whenever I do an engagement session downtown, I *try* to shoot at least a little part at the river. For us Memphians, and ESPECIALLY for the couples living downtown (like Paul and Holly) sunsets on the Mississippi are a part of everyday life. (Part of the reason why I love living downtown, myself!) So, when choosing the location for the engagement sessions, I always try to keep this in mind. How I shoot my engagements is mainly starting at one spot and then exploring all over that area! I’m a big believer in doing a lot of walking and finding the cool little nooks with nice light. It just seems more organic to me.

Anyways! I hope y’all enjoy their session! I included a lot more “series” pics. Which is something I like to call “working a scene!” I think it’s fun to see how a series of actions unfolds to make some really cute and loving photos. We might work a scene for five or so minutes and then move on. For their session, my favorite was the bridge, and I talk a little more about it later on!

So, here we go! Paul and Holly’s Downtown Memphis engagement photography session!

sun flare engagement photo  Memphis Engagement photography bride and groom to be photosdancing moments engagement photo formal engagement photography water fountainNew york style garden engagement  Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 14 candid moments engagement session  Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 16 Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 15Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree

This feels like it’s not Memphis at all, but somewhere at an awesome park in New York. Their classy outfits add to that feel as well! 🙂

Engagement Photography Downtownsweet moments engagement photography   engagements maddie moree

The bridge…..! The sun was in the most perfect spot. The lighting was soft and kinda fall-like, which went well with their outfit colors too. Off topic of the bridge, but those shoes. OMG! <3 <3

different angles engagement photography maddie moree engagement photos downtown engagement photography fall looking engagement photos engagement ring Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 10  Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 11 growl towel engagement photoGrizzly shirt elvis sunglasses engagement photos Memphis Engagement Photography Downtown Maddie Moree 13

And we ended at the River! Love love love it!

Mississippi river engagement Mississippi river engagement photography

You better believe how much I cannot wait to shoot their wedding! Luckily I won’t have to wait long, since it’s in October! Ahhhhhhhh! Paul and Holly, y’all rocked your session!!

Till next time, y’all!


September 22, 2017

Memphis Wedding Photography: Derrick and Kristen

Happy “Wedding Wednesday,” all you lovely people out there!!

I have a brand spanking new – hot off the presses photography post to show you at this swanky new Memphis wedding venue called, Noah’s Event Venue.

Now you may remember Kristen and Derrick from their awesome engagement session I posted like back in March!! If you don’t remember, check out their engagement session here. (It was an awesome shoot where we got to run around on the Tigers Football Field at the Liberty Bowl Stadium. I know, right?! It was pretty cool, and we got backstage access…).

As for Kristen and Derrick’s wedding day, let me tell you a little about it. I LOVED photographing their wedding! There were so many sweet moments where I found myself crying *while* shooting, which takes quite a bit of skill, but I somehow manage to cry at every wedding. It’s because I’m so emotionally invested in their day, and I’m just so happy for my couples! At their ceremony, there was a beautiful story about her son, and I don’t think anyone was able to hold back the tears. And then of course, watching her with her dad…it just reminded me of my dad. Lastly, watching Derrick with his two girls! Oh. My. Gosh. So sweet! They had the cutest father-daughters dance. Not to mention the oldest is named Madison…so she’s automatically awesome!

In short, I love this couple. I loved their day. And I loved watching them celebrate with each other and their friends and family. This is exactly what a wedding day is all about in my book. And I love being able to photograph those relationships and real emotions throughout the day.

As for logistics of the day, Kristen and Derrick did have a second shooter. I love having Emily there with me to shoot because it adds such a different perspective when shooting. And if you’re running late, it helps to have a separate shooter there to help grab some details and ease some of the timeline stresses. If you have a lot of activities or have a tight timeline…OR are doing a traditional look, I highly recommend hiring a second shooter.

A little about the venue. This is a new venue in Memphis! The space is a pretty classy venue with white marble/stone and grey plantation shutters everywhere, which was really pretty! The light in the getting ready rooms was also nice! The ceremony room was mainly an empty space, and Angela with Southern Event Planners did a great job with décor, draping, lighting, etc. My biggest complaint was size. I wish it were a hair bigger. There was also no space outside for photos. Just something to think about, but the inside was great.

For their exit, they opted for a second line over a sparkler exit! I love it when couples decide to do something different from the typical sparkler exit! If you’re looking for an alternative to sparklers, consider a second line! It was fun, the favors are cute little hankies with your names on them, and you get to dance around with masks and fun umbrellas! Win WIN!

But enough talk…let’s get to the photos!

Here was Derrick and Kristen’s wedding day as I saw it through my lens…

wedding dress details getting ready

The shoes….. <3 <3 <3

getting ready details groom getting ready Maddie moree getting ready bridesmaids getting ready maddie moree glamour bridesmaids badass groomsmen groomsmen flying v

First look with dad!

bride and father's first look Ceremony setup maddie moree groom's entrance

Right before they walked down the aisle!

dad walking bride down the aisle groom's first look memphis venue wedding ceremony noah's event venue wedding ceremony wedding ceremony bride and groom family wedding party wedding photos full wedding party maddie moree wedding planning Maddie moree bride and groom

The room!! <3 <3

reception details wedding southern event wedding planners southern event wedding planner room decor Maddie moree details bride groom wedding photography reception entrance maddie moree cake cut wedding photography first dance maddie moree wedding reception father daughter dance reception maddie moree

Right here. This whole section….

father daughter dance reception wedding reception memphis venue noah's Maddie moree reception Maddie moree noahs event venue memphis wedding photography 33 noah's event venue memphis photography maddie moree wedding reception garter toss memphis reception bouquet toss reception photography memphis Second line send off Wedding exit Memphis Wedding

So again, I want to send out a special thanks to my lady, Emily! Girl, those reception photos were perfect! And your help in general…so grateful!

For all of my brides-to-be, here’s Derrick and Kristen’s Memphis wedding vendor list:

Wedding Photographer: me!! Maddie Moree
Cake: Brown Baguette
Caterer: Me and My Tea Room
Video: Mankind Films
DJ: Darren Ballard
Floral and Decor: Southern Event Planners
Venue: Noah’s Event Venue
Wedding Planner: Southern Event Planners
Hair: Jackie Davis Tucker
Officiant: Rufus Smith IV, Pastor of Hope Church
Soloist: Shenea Weathington
Till next time, y’all!


September 20, 2017